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Baruch Tanaman
Partner and consultant

Partner to Mimi in business and in life, Baruch augments the hi-Text team with his professional background in finance, his creative brainstorming, and his meticulous British English. Having graduated in Business Studies, and held senior positions in the UK, Baruch arrived in Israel from his native London in 1978 and joined the finance department of then world-leading high tech company, Digital (DEC).

The company changed names around him until he took early retirement from his position as Business Finance Manager with HP Israel in 2007.

Since then, Baruch has devoted more time to his second interest – acting, and has appeared in numerous TV commercials, feature films and a TV sitcom. He also increased his active role in hi-Text, taking over the company's financial management, providing consultation services, and has acted as emcee for hi-Text clients' international events.